1 offer from $450.00. When it loses shape, you just toss it on the other side and it’s back to same as the day we got it. Has a acidic smell and caused irratation to skin, eyes and sinus's of multiple individuals.. Not half as big as the picture shows. Their shapes offer both traditional, spherical bean bags, which are adaptable to the body when you sit or apply pressure, and also oval shaped Chill Sack Lounger bean bag chairs which come in selections of 4' diameter and up. There isn’t enough foam in this chair. See how it all works here. The price is perfect! Available in essentially every color, this bag has a soft microfiber cover and is filled with shredded memory foam for a truly luxurious experience. Last but not the least, this chill sack is one of the most stylish and snug piece of furniture which could easily be a replacement for that old sofa chair in your basement or the living room. I recommend this product. I think it's still growing because it's much bigger now just 20 hours after delivery! They are designed to be filled with stuffed animals, play clothes and blankets. Prepare for a hand and arm workout when you break up the nearly SOLID cube of foam "beans" this thing arrives as. It comes in a small, vacuum sealed bag which turns into a 5' chair when opened. Its still huge. It fits in my room and so soft. I am 5'1" 135lbs female. ( No worries your giggle factor will increase each time). They are not for small living rooms; they're hug, I made the mistake of buying 2. I covered it with a sheet due to my cat that won't get off it. Chill Sack vs. Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair . This bean bag chair is much bigger than I originally expected. Be warned it is heavy, a kid can't drag this around the house, even an adult will need to use muscle. In reality, it just feels like a bunch of lumps of garbage foam that condense to one end leaving me sitting about 6 inches off the ground. On the instructions it said it would take about 4-5 days to fluff up and a little bit over two weeks later, it is still not very full, even after breaking up the fluff as the instructions stated. The kids love it, but I'm not a huge fan. It took about 24 hours to fully expand and like most people said. My kids are fighting over it. They are seriously comfortable!! Just in cause some of my chunky people are concerned ;). When I sit on it I touch the floor. The only negative I can possibly think of is that the chair is heavy but based on its size that should be expected. It is big enough for an adult to get comfortable. COMFY FURNITURE COVER: Covered in a soft micro fiber material, the Chill Sack offers ultimate comfort and unmatched functionality. My bean bag is still flat. This is very comfortable though and i like that I can unzip and wash the cover. We both fit on it and our dogs love to cuddle us in it as well. My kid came to the rescue and helped get the cover on...she really could have done it herself (she’s better at reading instructions before hand)! Every night he has asked me if he can stay downstairs and sleep on it! Initially, I was very disappointed with this product. This thing is so large, it doesn't fill all the way up like a cushion but better than a traditional beanbag for sure. Comfy but it is a little lumpy. I love it, the kids love it and I'm seriously considering another for the sunroom. There’s simply not enough foam. The picture is nothing like the product besides the material of the bag. If u we're expecting to jump into it and sit .... Don't! I actually cut my hand on a piece of plastic that I took out of the foam pieces inside. I bought 2 not even 10 days ago and repent. I love this thing! These bean bags get solid reception from most customers, but there are some that had problems with these bean bags. It says giant, but I still didn’t get how big a 5 foot beanbag chair would be. I ordered another for my boys' room because it was so comfortable. Once out of the box, there is no way to repack it into the box...It's huge! I had read reviews about how it didn't fully expand etc so I was prepared. Wasted money and time. With nearly 800 5-star reviews, the Chill Sack Bean Bag has won over the hearts of customers with its size, comfort, and durability. They got back to me quickly and helped me. Greetings Everyone, I saw the Chill Sack while searching for a piece of furniture to add to my L.R. It was a lot of work to separate the foam but worth. This could be a perfect bed for a kid sleeping over! When we opened the bag to see inside, we saw this. Please be wary of that before you buy, or consider a different company. Lot of people have mentioned the smell of the foam being unpleasant, I was nervous about that being a problem, and there was definitely a strong smell at first, but it’s been less than 48 hours since unpacking and the smell has completely dissipated! Much better than those filled with the Styrofoam pellets.! Otherwise they will be on your way. 3-Year Unconditional Warranty, I bought this for our family room for movies and lounging. Also synthetic fur or 'pebble' options are available for an extra fee in some sizes. I was on the fence about this purchase because of the mixed reviews on it. Toss it in your barn, den, or living room, and listen for the tell-tale shouts of, “I call the bean bag chair!” Feels like you're sitting on a cloud! It's been abused by countless kids, used as a landing pad for a mini trampoline and jumped on by a 260lb father trying to shift his 50lb daughter off it (do not do this!). It took about a day for the chair to reach full size but when it did, he loved it. It seems like good quality, tho was unusual when it arrived in a heavy hard block of shrink wrapped foam. But the size of this thing is too much for our house! Plus it is a "bean" chair, not a solid piece of furniture to pick up. Takes some time to fill out. On our last order we had an issue with the shipping, however the customer service people at GT Gifts responded quickly and fixed the issue without any fuss. The sad part is that i loved my first one was so awesome that we ordered a 2nd. Be warned it is heavy, Unusable - volatile smell never goes away. You have to literally spend a solid 45 minutes to an hour breaking up pieces of the fill, then breaking it into smaller pieces from the outside of the outer lining. I put the cover on mine right away so it could expand while in the cover. Chill Sacks are made with care so you can confidently feature them in any room in your house. It has been 24 hours since I have opened my package, and I have a feeling I am going to be very disappointed with this product. 2/18/17 The "bean" bag is not filled with beans but instead foam chucks. No amount of fluffing or repositioning makes this chair comfortable. If they’re more of a Disney fan, they might like Mickey or Minnie Mouse. My biggest complaint comes from the fact that they seem to source some questionable foam, by that I mean you can feel some pices have a hard rubber, almost plastic like coating on them. It's my favorite thing to lounge on . But i am not happy at all with the appearance and the misleading sales imagery. Follow the directions and the foam expands fairly quickly. They are super comfortable. I don’t know what to do with mine, you can’t return them because you won’t be able to make them small to put in the box. Lower from 3 stars to 1 star. Just wish the filler was a little better. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, The foam does not fill the bag as much as the picture represents either. Win win. It was still very spacious and comfortable. We have had it for a week now & every day my 8 year old son & I run & jump into it!!!! Just not living up to my expectations. This was one of the best purchases we made all year. Your product will not look like the image. It grows huge...and then keeps growing. I did buy a pack of extra stuffing and that is because teenage boys throw themselves on it! Can't believe they charge this much for a product of this quality. Actually every one loves it including our pets. I am not normally the type of person to write a review, but with this product I felt compelled to. I contacted them to suggest it should have a little more foam inside so you won't have to fluff it up everytime you sit on it. It came with the inner memory foam sack vacuum sealed. Comfy as long as done right for expansion. Yes, you sink down to the floor. At least I hope not. My dog on the other hand absolutely loves it. I was looking for chairs for my bedroom as it was completely bare, aside from my bed, and came across this beanbag chair. The work that goes into this chair. The product in the photo is full and very large in comparison to the person. The price for this chair is too high for the lack of quality. Can't seem to find a company to contact to get help with the product. Kinda sick of the bed now. Product is great. This site's sole purpose is to make the decision making process faster and more efficient. I purchased it for me, the Mom, in my sitting room, when the boys are taking over the family room. I prefer chill bag over my couch . It is smaller in size though… This bean bag can be used free-standing for any convenience in your home, office, dorm or workshop. My 16 year old loves it for reading her books. In about a week and half they fluffed up to match the product image. According to the instructors the bag should be at about 90% by now, however my bag feels like a bunch of lumpy foam and had absolutely no support. It took 4 days to really expand and get to the point where it could be molded. The teenagers love it. Would absolutely recommend this! Not an easy task. She does her homework in it almost every night. And big enough for two to hang out together. The price is perfect! I was kind of hesitant on getting it because people showed pictures and commented that theirs were not fluffy but others said the complete opposite, so I took a chance. Chill Sacks are ideally more fluffy and less squishy, but over time some customers have noted that they get more squishy and less supportive. It took a little less than a full day for it to expand and i purchased a very soft throw to go along with it. It takes quite a bit of maneuvering it around to get it fluffed up. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Very disappointed. What we do is to periodically flip the chair and shake it to fluff it prior to the next use. Looks like a half empty bag. Works fine for the kids as they are light. My family loves it and constantly lounge in it when I'm not home. We will be enjoying this product for a long time to come. Do not expect this item to look as full as it looks in the picture. You do have to "fluff" it in the shape you want it each day, but overall it's comfortable and my husband is obsessed with it. The 5-foot memory foam bean bag is … It actually expanded pretty quick, I kept tossing it around and in 2 days it was nearly at its full size. There were no instructions. You end up with a saggy, baggy creased sack in the corner of the room. Has not measured up to the amount of money we paid for it and research we did beforehand. Let me tell you I did painstaking research about which bean bag I wanted to get. It is heavy hard to move though.... Having owned this now since June, I can homestly say this is one of the most fun items purchased for our home. But this bag is super comfy and it looks great. No issues. W e spent four weeks rigorously chilling, cuddling and sleeping on eight of the top-selling bean bag chairs on the market. After purchasing an additional ten pounds of filling it's the best seat in the house. He looks nothing like the picture when he sits on it. It's really supportive of your head and has a comfortable shape. It’s big! We bought these to replace some broken living room furniture. It is well made and, as such, comfortable. The plush, comfortable outer shell is available in many stylish colors, too. This is a huge beanbag and so comfortable and it doesn't give when you're sitting in it was pleasantly surprised of how big it is. My wife and I use it for movie night because we can both fit on it quite comfortably. PROS: Nice cover Good Size CONS: Not enough fill Compresses too much Takes a long time to decompress Overall: would be great with more fill. Bean bag chairs come in all shapes and sizes and plenty of different materials. I absolutely LOVE our new Chill Sacks. We've tried the rotate and fluff method (daily), but it never improved. Oh.. My only complaint is that the sack seems to be a little too big for the stuffing. Oversized Sack:-The dimensions of this bean bag are 60 x 60 x 34 inches, but these dimensions keep on changing as this sack has a flexible design, due to which it keeps on changing its shape and size. You can fluff it, toss it, and turn it over as much as you like. It doesn't flatten down all the way after an hour or two of two people sitting on it but does need to be fluffed like any other bean bag. I got this for my daughter’s birthday; it’s very disappointing. Followed manufacturer directions for letting the memory foam expand. I was never a fan of bean bags, but this thing is just ridiculously comfy.

chill sack bean bag chair

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