This includes a large head, downturned mouth, and expansive dorsal fin. Instead, their base color is light gray. Begin with Freshwater Farms Freshwater Farms processes only U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish that are monitored and tested from the pond to the plate. However, most catfish are docile and spend their time on the bottom of a tank looking for food. Scoloplacidae Sisoridae In addition, Catfish vary in size and aggressiveness. Freshwater Fish of America We’ve provided a look into 42 species of freshwater fish—including largemouth bass, walleye, catfish, crappie, northern pike, trout, and more! Skelton, Paul H. and Teugels, Guy G. 1992. Froese, Rainer, and Daniel Pauly, eds. [33], Sound-generating mechanisms are often different between genders. It’s recommended that you use a tank that can hold at least 50 gallons to prevent fighting. [54] This makes the catfish order the second or third most diverse vertebrate order; in fact, 1 out of every 20 vertebrate species is a catfish. They’re some of the best algae eaters you can get. Aspredinidae The Platy Fish, is another great choice for beginner fish keepers. To keep the Upsidedown Catfish healthy, you will need a 30-gallon tank. While they’ll eat algae and plant detritus like many other types of catfish, live food and pellets are a must. Freshwater Tropical Fish. Several airbreathing catfish (Clariidae) and shark catfish (Pangasiidae) species are heavily cultured in Africa and Asia. As far as known for most catfish, features that are often characteristic of species such as mouth and fin positions, fin shapes, and barbel lengths show little difference between juveniles and adults. [33] To create a drumming sound, catfish use an indirect vibration mechanism using a swimbladder. Representatives of the genus Ictalurus have been introduced into European waters in the hope of obtaining a sporting and food resource. With so many different types of aquarium catfish to choose from, we thought it made sense to create a list of our favorites. Extant catfish species live inland or in coastal waters of every continent except Antarctica. [19] Because their barbels and chemoreception are more important in detecting food, the eyes on catfish are generally small. ", Catfish is eaten in a variety of ways. This is supported by molecular evidence. Catfish barbels always come as pairs. [40] As a result, the Vietnamese exporters of this fish now label their products sold in the U.S. as "basa fish." Freshwater Fish Trust for the highest quality, healthiest freshwater tropical fish species in the industry for freshwater fish tanks, aquariums and more. [5][55][56][57] Many sources do not list the recently revised family Anchariidae. Most specimens have dark brown stripes or splotches. They grow in large numbers, even sprouting from the top of their head! [63] In that study it was suggested that the fast evolution of the Loricarioidei suborder was attracting this clade to the outgroups through long branch attraction, incorrectly placing it as the earliest-branching catfish lineage. Kryptoglanidae The new species in Lacantuniidae, Lacantunia enigmatica, was found in the Lacantun river in the Mexican state of Chiapas.[60]. Members of the Siluriformes order are defined by features of the skull and swimbladder. In many catfish, the humeral process is a bony process extending backward from the pectoral girdle immediately above the base of the pectoral fin. We've got a great selection of angels, plecos, cichlids, livebearers, tetras, and much more! Otocinclus. The IUCN lists this species as Critically Endangered due to overfishing and habitat destruction. [59] In June 2005, researchers named the newest family of catfish, Lacantuniidae, only the third new family of fish distinguished in the last 70 years (others being the coelacanth in 1938 and the megamouth shark in 1983). Named for their prominent barbels, which resemble a cat's whiskers, catfish range in size and behavior from the three largest species alive, the Mekong giant catfish from Southeast Asia, the wels catfish of Eurasia, and the piraíba of South America, to detritivores (species that eat dead material on the bottom), and even to a tiny parasitic species commonly called the candiru, Vandellia cirrhosa. Waters should be kept between 75 and 80 degrees with a pH balance of roughly 6.5 to 7.5. Gold Nugget Pleco are solitary creatures that aren’t too fond of company. This is especially true if you plan on keeping groups or creating a multi-species community tank. They feed on small fish and crustacean in the wild. Catfish (or catfishes; order Siluriformes /sɪˈljʊərɪfɔːrmiːz/ or Nematognathi) are a diverse group of ray-finned fish. There are a few different species included in the larger Otocinclus family. There are 9 classes and multiple varieties of catfish. (2011). [5] As of 2007[update] there are about 36 extant catfish families, and about 3,093 extant species have been described. Another challenge owners face is providing them with the right food. Catfish are opportunistic eaters as they’ll consume a wide range of food items. Despite their small stature, these aren’t fish that blend into the background. Mekong Giant Catfish – Incredibly large and incredibly rare, this species teeters on the brink of extinction. If you have the space and know-how to keep these fish, it can be quite rewarding. Like most catfish, the flathead catfish is a nocturnal feeder, becoming more active as light intensity declines. Horabagridae[1] Chinese Algae Eaters can get a bit territorial. The pecel/pecak version present the fish in separate plate while the stone mortar is solely for sambal (Lele is the Indonesian word for catfish.). While in the first study this relationship was proposed[53] the "morphological" hypothesis could not be rejected, the new, "molecular" phylogenetic hypothesis was later obtained in numerous other phylogenetic studies based on genetic data. These catfish get to be around 6 inches long when fully grown. Their shy temperament and hardy nature make them not only super easy to care for, but fun to watch! [10] Numerous species from the families Ariidae and Plotosidae, and a few species from among the Aspredinidae and Bagridae, are found in salt water.[11][12]. Callichthyidae It’s believed that the dark coloration helps them blend in better when they are swimming upsidedown. These catfish get to be up to 11 inches long. The Tiger Shovelnose Catfish is an expert-only catfish that comes from South America. Walking catfish have also been introduced in the freshwaters of Florida, with the voracious catfish becoming a major alien pest there. In Hungary catfish is often cooked in paprika sauce (Harcsapaprikás) typical of Hungarian cuisine. Some place Gymnotiformes as a sub-order of Siluriformes, however this is not as widely accepted. Catfish shipped directly to your door at the lowest prices & highest quality online. The variability in catfish sound signals differs due to a few factors: the mechanism by which the sound is produced, the function of the resulting sound, and physiological differences such as size, sex, and age. [23], Sexual dimorphism is reported in about half of all families of catfish. Amblycipitidae (2016): Phylogenetic Relationships of Five Asian Schilbid Genera Including. With a lifespan of 18 to 25 years, keeping these catfish healthy is a huge commitment. According to morphological data, Diplomystidae is usually considered to be the earliest branching catfish lineage and the sister group to the other two lineages, Loricarioidei and Siluroidei. This is thanks, in large part, to their stunning good looks. A pH balance below 7.0 is recommended as well. Bluegill (Bream) Bluegills are found in most North American waters and are often the first fish that … They are available in fresh, frozen, breaded or marinated and are offered in a variety of pack sizes. [24] The modification of the anal fin into an intromittent organ (in internal fertilizers) as well as accessory structures of the reproductive apparatus (in both internal and external fertilizers) have been described in species belonging to 11 different families. Most will stay in the neighborhood of 6 inches long. They’re tough enough to protect themselves when another fish encroaches on their space. They prefer temperatures between 64 and 75 degrees. More than half of all catfish species live in the Americas. [27] Also in Asia, Jeremy Wade caught a 75.5 kilograms (166.4 lb) Goonch following three fatal attacks on humans in the Kali River on the India-Nepal border. In several different species of catfish, aggressive sound production occurs during cover site defense or during threats from other fish. They’re not brown or tan like other species. Catfish have inhabited all continents at one time or another. The water temperature should be in the neighborhood of 72 to 82 degrees with a pH balance of 6.0 to 7.5. In Bangladesh and the Indian states of Odisha, West Bengal and Assam, catfish (locally known as magur) is eaten as a favored delicacy during the monsoons. However, the European stock of American catfishes has not achieved the dimensions of these fish in their native waters, and have only increased the ecological pressure on native European fauna. Interestingly enough, there are no biological differences to explain the odd swimming pattern. These catfish are very demanding and can be quite difficult to keep healthy if you’re not properly equipped. These fish have a healthy appetite for all types of aquarium algae and will spend most of their time cleaning driftwood, rocks, and glass surfaces. Aptly named for the vivid stripes that run along their body, the Bumblebee Catfish is a beautiful fish species. Pair that with their brown coloration and it’s easy to mistake these catfish for simple twigs. [22] This venom is produced by glandular cells in the epidermal tissue covering the spines. 0 oz.). [53], Catfish belong to a superorder called the Ostariophysi, which also includes the Cypriniformes, Characiformes, Gonorynchiformes and Gymnotiformes, a superorder characterized by the Weberian apparatus. These fish can reach almost a foot in length and will eat anything small enough for it to swallow. They blend in very well with rocks, hence their name. [5], The rate of description of new catfish is at an all-time high. Aquarium Source is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This species mostly has a black color but can also come in a pale flesh. While not the biggest aquarium catfish around, they still need plenty of room to swim around. Lacantuniidae is included in the Sullivan scheme based on recent evidence that places it sister to Claroteidae. This bottom-dwelling and whiskered fish are cute, hardy, and very inactive. A 25-gallon tank is recommended. [6] More than half of all catfish species live in the Americas. [30] Fringes of the caudal region may present tubules, in which the lumen is filled by secretion and spermatozoa. There are many types, and they vary widely in their size, needs and temperament. However, they are known to exceed 2.5 metres (8.2 ft) in length and 100 kilograms (220 lb) in weight. They’re predatory creatures that will eat smaller fish and crustaceans. In these fishes, sonic muscles insert on the ramus Mulleri, also known as the elastic spring. In some catfishes, pectoral fins are longer in males than in females of similar length, and differences in the characteristic of the sounds produced were also observed. If they’re consumed by larger fish, they can even get lodged in the predator’s throat! Chinese Algae Eaters come with a bit of a sordid reputation. The fish are very hardy and can adapt well to many environments. Large catfish are a very beautiful and peaceful species that make a wonderful addition to a large community aquarium. The good news is that Pictus Catfish aren’t aggressive or difficult to care for. They reach lengths of only 1.3 inches. Ariidae A 10-gallon tank is needed for smaller Cory Catfish species. The body of the catfish is covered in splotches of brown, white, and gray. As long as you have plenty of space, you shouldn’t have to worry about fighting. Learn more here They can occasionally grow to 200 kg (440 lbs), as evidenced by numerous catches. This is accompanied by spots of black or dark gray. Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World. There is a large and growing ornamental fish trade, with hundreds of species of catfish, such as Corydoras and armored suckermouth catfish (often called plecos), being a popular component of many aquaria. Bumblebee catfish are a unique and fun freshwater fish that we think all aquarists should consider. Clown Loaches are one of the most popular freshwater fish in the aquarium scene. The Redtail Catfish is another species that only seasoned aquarists should attempt to care for. This fish makes excellent table fare. The exact coloration and pattern of the fish vary dramatically. [30] Spermatocysts are formed from cytoplasmic extensions of Sertoli cells; the release of spermatozoa is allowed by breaking of the cyst walls. Finally, the lateral armor of doradids, Sisor, and hoplomyzontines consists of hypertrophied lateral line ossicles with dorsal and ventral lamina. In North America the largest Ictalurus furcatus (Blue catfish) caught in the Missouri River on 20 July 2010, weighed 59 kilograms (130 lb). [5] Their well-developed Weberian apparatus and reduced gas bladder allow for improved hearing as well as sound production. They’re beautiful fish that have color patterns reminiscent of Koi. Lovingly referred to as “dwarf suckers” or “otos,” the Otocinclus Catfish is a popular fish in the aquarium community. [48], In Nigeria, catfish is often cooked in a variety of stews. Lacantuniidae When they’re not eating, the driftwood will be their safe haven. They do best in temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees. Catfish have widely been caught and farmed for food for hundreds of years in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Below is a list of family relationships by different authors. [6], The taxonomy of catfish is quickly changing. Largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, crappies and sunfish are all considered warmwater species. [5], Juvenile catfish, like most fish, have relatively large heads, eyes, and posterior median fins in comparison to larger, more mature individuals. They’re sensitive to ammonia and nitrates, so you’ll need to test often and invest in a powerful filtration system. Astroblepidae With a lifespan of up to 20 years, the Cory Catfish is a communal … [35], Sound production in catfish may also be correlated with fighting and alarm calls. Because they like protein, you will need to be careful about keeping them with smaller fish species they can target for food. Bluegill. They look like sunken tree branches. USA on 19 May 1998 that weighed 55.79 kg (123 lbs. There are many unique looks, varying behavior, and benefits that these creatures can bring to your tank. Chacidae [64][65][66] Molecular evidence usually contrasts with this hypothesis, and shows the suborder Loricarioidei as the earliest branching catfish lineage, and sister to a clade that includes the Diplomystidae and Siluroidei. Pictus Catfish have that iconic catfish “look.” They get to be about 5 inches long and have a series of long barbels growing out of their face. So much to see here! Bagridae Trader Joe's has labeled frozen fillets of Vietnamese Pangasius hypophthalmus as "striper."[41]. However, most experts recommend closer to 2,000. In 2003, The United States Congress passed a law preventing the imported fish from being labeled as catfish. Luckily, they are well-equipped for the job. As a result, they’ll spend more time out of hiding! They have no problems with other fish and will often retreat at any potential sign of danger. Double cones, though present in most teleosts, are absent from catfish. While they might be relaxed and mellow, the Asian Stone Catfish has some standout looks. Perhaps the most identifying trait of the fish, these barbels are much more pronounced than they are on other catfish species. These aquarium catfish spend most of their day scavenging for food. You will need a larger tank to keep them happy. [32] This is a very important fish communication mechanism, especially during agonistic and distress behaviors. Between 2003 and 2005, over 100 species have been named, a rate three times faster than that of the past century. [58] The family Horabagridae, including Horabagrus, Pseudeutropius, and Platytropius, is also not shown by some authors but presented by others as a true group. Currently, the Siluriformes are said to be the sister group to the Gymnotiformes, though this has been debated due to more recent molecular evidence. The Walking Catfish is an air-breathing freshwater aquarium catfish. These freshwater catfish have very large heads. [citation needed]. [51], While the vast majority of catfish are harmless to humans, a few species are known to present some risk. As a defense, these spines may be locked into place so that they stick outwards, which can inflict severe wounds. Their fins are relatively small, too, which further cements that twig-like profile. Like most types of aquarium catfish, this species prefers environments rich with plants and decor. When fully grown, Glass Catfish are usually 4 to 6 inches long. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. Asian Stone Catfish are one of the smallest aquarium catfish species you can get. Claroteidae The base color of the Gold Nugget Pleco is black. incertae sedis Their bodies are long and thin. Erethistidae The Bristlenose Pleco is another catfish species that will work hard to keep algae levels under control. It is one of the smallest catfish species out there and it makes for a perfect pet for nano tanks. The base of the fish is dark black. Vietnamese catfish (Pangasius) cannot be legally marketed as catfish in the United States, and so is referred to as swai or basa[45] Only fish of the family Ictaluridae may be marketed as catfish in the United States. As you can probably guess from their name, Twig Catfish are masters of disguise. The higher-level phylogeny of Siluriformes has gone through several recent changes, mainly due to molecular phylogenetic studies. But with the exception of the last two on our list (they should only be kept by experienced aquarists with plenty of resources), there’s nothing to worry about. It is a breed, that you … Similar plates are found in large specimens of Lithodoras. Like most freshwater catfish, Bristlenose Plecos have a downturned mouth. Hailing from India and Bangladesh, these catfish are found in slow-moving streams. Water should be between 75 and 80 degrees with a pH of 6.5. One pair is so long that it can match their overall length. Due to these constraints, some fish may not even be able to produce a specific sound. [8][9] One such species is Phreatobius cisternarum, known to live underground in phreatic habitats.

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