But my review samples were finished in Grey Birch, and in my brightly lit room they looked fab -- the light really brought out the contrast. The speaker’s specified overall sensitivity is 86dB (2.83V/1m), its nominal impedance 6 ohms -- both pretty typical for a two-way minimonitor. Dynaudio A/SSverigesvej 158660 SkanderborgDenmarkPhone: +45 8652-3411Fax: +45 8652-3116, North America:Dynaudio North America1852 Elmdale AvenueGlenview, IL 60026Phone: (847) 730-3280Fax: (847) 730-3207. Dynaudio loudspeakers consist of classic bass reflex loudspeaker designs with no unusual or extraordinary positioning demands. 2 990,00 EUR. I could not see any signs of wear. These are the 2020 model. The Special Fortys were set atop 24”-high Foundation stands and toed in about 10°. Générer la liste des magasins qui vendent le produit Dynaudio Special Forty pour vous permettre de comparer les prix est une opération complexe. HT. But much else has changed, from the suspension to voice coil former and magnet system. Output so far beyond the drivers’ passbands is why Dynaudio was able to get away with using a first-order crossover in the Forty. It’s the connoisseur’s choice – a simple pair of passive hi-fi speakers. Up front was a Samsung laptop computer running Windows 10, Roon, and Tidal’s desktop app, feeding an EMM Labs DA2 Reference digital-to-analog converter via an AudioQuest Diamond USB link, the DAC’s analog signal then going into a Constellation Audio Revelation Pictor preamplifier through Crystal Cable Standard Diamond balanced interconnects. The bottom octave of the audioband (20-40Hz) went missing, and the Fortys couldn’t play quite as loudly and freely as the Triton References had. All rights reserved. Dynaudio Special 40 for sale. The Special Fourty features a unique ve The Special Forty can fit in with any decor, with a sound that's similarly low-key, but that's why they'll wear well over time. I am the second owner. Dynaudio enceintes d’occasion. The 1.1” (28mm) soft-dome tweeter, the Esotar Forty, is based on their highly successful Esotar2. The Special Forty is a two-way, reflex-loaded, standmount monitor that leverages design elements drawn from more costly Dynaudio models, starting with an inherently phase coherent first-order crossover network said to incorporate the firm’s unique phase and impedance alignment technologies. We like the tonality too. The cone and its central dome are formed in one piece from Dynaudio's proprietary magnesium-silicate-polymer (MSP) material, claimed to offer "a precise combination of stiffness, stability, rigidity and damping." It looks like one of Dynaudio’s Excite models, which also don’t look all that, um, exciting. Des erreurs peuvent apparaître, particulièrement dans la reconnaissance des références de la catégorie Haut-Parleurs stéréo dans les différents points de vente. 53,88 EUR de frais de livraison. Hence a local sale is much preferred NJ, 08648 Lots of great reviews on these speakers, here's one for you :-) Put aside the gorgeous finishes – the options are Birch in either grey or red gloss – and there seems little to differentiate the Fortys from a stack of products the company has made in the past. Dynaudio has made any number of two-way standmounters, of this size and with drive units that look pretty much identical to the ones used here. But I know from experience that for any speaker to work well in my current room, it must be able to deliver pretty deep bass or its sound will be too light. La nouvelle enceinte Special Forty anniversaire s’appuie sur 40 années de recherche de pointe et la remet complètement au goût du jour avec les... 2 699,00 € Prix shopping_cart cached Panier favorite_border liste de souhaits cached. But it isn’t about looking back, misty-eyed, at past glories and leaving it at that. The two veneers offered, Red Birch and Grey Birch, are created in a way I’d previously seen only on a Sonus Faber speaker. Th Brio is easily the weakest link, but still a stonking amplifier. The reason for this is that the Special Forty has been created to celebrate Dynaudio’s forty years as a speaker manufacturer and is therefore a bit of a present to itself. It’s the connoisseur’s choice – a simple pair of passive hi-fi speakers. Finition laquée. The Special Forty is one of the very best compact speakers in the company’s forty years history. Fiche produit Ajouter au panier. The new Special Forty anniversary speaker draws on 40 years of cutting-edge research – and brings it totally up to date with Dynaudio’s most celebrated techniques and technologies. Before I sat down to finish writing this part of the review, I streamed “Is It a Crime,” from Sade’s Promise (16/44.1 FLAC, Epic/Tidal), and was awestruck at the width and depth of the soundstage. All power cords were plugged into one of two Shunyata Venom PS8 power distributors, which in turn were plugged into dedicated wall outlets with Venom HC cords. Manufacturier : Dynaudio. Dynaudio Special Forty … Technical Specs Technical characteristics of the speakers. Its clean, powerful low frequencies, its stable, well-defined, accurate stereo imaging, its clean, grain-free high frequencies, and its superb way with recorded voices are complemented by looks to die for. The manufacturing process used to create the Special Forty’s veneer is more elaborate than we might expect: 1.5mm-thick wood slices are cut from birch wood in Finland. These speakers have scuffs and scratches on the bottom as shown in the pictures. Tweeter Esotar 40. Australia, might say, good on ’em. These speakers are indeed designed as something of a homage to the company’s past, but they’re not meant to be museum pieces. Made in Denmark. The veneer provides the outer shell. The Special Forty are expensive little speakers, but sound and build quality are commensurate with the price and celebration of the company's 40th anniversary. After that, I heard maybe a touch more clarity in the midrange, but the difference was subtle enough that I couldn’t be sure. Improvements include what Dynaudio calls “a new pressure conduit,” described as “a specially shaped vent that lets us devote more space to the rear chamber and controls how the air moves from the back of the diaphragm into that space. I used mostly recordings with deep bass, primarily to get those woofers moving: Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems (16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC, Columbia/Tidal), the Cowboy Junkies’ The Trinity Session (16/44.1 FLAC, RCA), and Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories (16/44.1 FLAC, Columbia/Tidal), to name a few. But it isn’t about looking back, misty-eyed, at past glories and leaving it at that. Quite literally, it’s in a class of its own. I don’t believe in the hundreds of hours of break-in that some audiophiles feel components need to sound good, but I do know that speaker drivers can benefit from some run-in, mostly to loosen up their suspension systems so they can move more freely. Awards 2018 - stereo speakers. Accélérez votre recherche . But things start to look brighter once we delve into the details. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Positioning is simple - we end up with them placed on solid stands, a metre or so from the rear wall with just a hint of angle towards the listening position. 2 voies / 2 HP. With suitably talented electronics the Special Fortys will shine - these are superb standmounters. Filtrage avancé. The bass above 40Hz sounded tight but wooden -- thuddy, actually -- without the bloom or fullness I’d heard in Munich. Enceintes dynaudio d’occasion. The Special Forty is classic Dynaudio: all the craftsmanship, attention to detail and total love of authentic sound you’ve come to expect. I couldn’t be sure if the break-in had also tamed the top end a bit, or if the improvements in the bass now made the highs seem less pronounced, but the Special Fortys sounded so much better balanced throughout the audioband that their sound now seemed perfectly balanced from 40Hz up. Nor was that all that was missing. I still live in that house; overall, my room measures about 36’L x 18’W, though the listening area itself is only 18’ square. The tweeter and mid/bass units are mated by a relatively simple first order crossover designed to minimise phase and impedance issues. Similarly, following all that break-in, when I sat down to listen more critically to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, it was at first to evaluate the Special Forty’s reproduction of bass and dynamics. Published on Apr 29, 2020 The New Dynaudio Special Forty finishes are in, Ebony Wave available now, Black Vine (I remembered!) They’re not an overtly cutting-edge design using the latest in high-tech materials, nor are they styled to stand out in a crowd. C’est le choix du connaisseur –une simple paire d’enceintes hi-fi passives. It’s not that there is a lot wrong with the Special Forty - it's just the design seem a little too familiar. Part of this is down to powerful, well-extended bass that balances weight and agility superb. . The Dynaudio Special Forty speakers decked out in grey and red birchwood veneers. Available for pre order now. The Esotar Forty’s robust design means it can play down to the upper midrange – around 1000Hz – without adverse effects. Condition is Used. About 8w into 6ohms single ended, and about 20W into 6ohms from the balanced outputs. The Special Forty’s drivers are improved versions of extant Dynaudio designs. The Special Forty was created to celebrate Dynaudio’s 40th anniversary, in 2017, and is surprisingly affordable at $2999 USD per pair (about which more below). This reduces resonance -- and manifests itself in the form of a more detailed performance.” Like the Esotar2’s, the Esotar Forty’s silk diaphragm is stiffened with a coating of Dynaudio Secret Recipe (DSR). Tweeter covers were never removed. Please refresh the page and try again. The last listening room was dynaudio. Dynaudio Special Forty. Amazon AU View Similar. Still, I felt some tweaking was in order. A first-order slope is shallow, meaning that the rolloff of each driver around the crossover range is slow; that is, there’s considerable overlap in the two drivers’ outputs. powered by . État : Neuf. Black Vine is a striking contrast of dark veneer shot through with vivid orange, while Ebony Wave is a captivatingly sinuous take on the classic hardwood. Esotar Forty Tweeter: The Special Forty uses a unique DSR (Dynaudio Secret Recipe) precision-coated 1.1" soft-dome tweeter that offers increased airflow, lower resonant frequency, and minimal distortion for true, natural, and transparent sound. Mais il ne s’agit pas de regarder en arrière, les yeux embrumés, les gloires du passé et de s’en tenir là. But the Special Forty, too, has a soft-dome Dynaudio tweeter, and I found its highs very extended, never dull, and always exceedingly clean. La Special Forty est une Dynaudio classique : tout le savoir-faire, l’attention aux détails et l’amour total du son authentique auquel vous vous attendez. Special Forty Dynaudio Special Forty (Ebony Wave) Dynaudio’s award-winning anniversary loudspeaker, the Special Forty, has been given a makeover with two stunning new finishes: Black Vine and Ebony Wave. Messages : 12,164 Sujets : 25 Inscription : Mar 2016 Type: Particulier Localisation: Charentes Poitou #31. The Special Forty produced none of that in any part of the audioband. 2,990 € Pour célébrer le 40eme anniversaire de la marque, DYNAUDIO a développé une nouvelle enceinte, la Special Forty. But it isn’t about looking back, misty-eyed, at past glories and leaving it at that. Dynaudio prefers such an arrangement because they say it optimizes phase integrity and allows them to create a more audibly seamless blend of the drivers’ outputs. Its cone is made of magnesium-silicate polymer (MSP), the material Dynaudio uses in all their woofers and midrange drivers. There, the Grey Birch looked drab and dull. But topping off the Special Forty’s topflight build quality and novel veneering is Dynaudio’s long, strong warranty: five years, parts and labor, or eight years with registration. No. MORE: How to buy speakers and set them up for the best sound. They sounded great without any issue. All rights reserved. Suivi par 15 personnes . Bath We’re far too busy having fun. Rating: Amazon Rating-Price: Check Price. The Dynaudio Special Forty, which the developers at Dynaudio A/S treated themselves to on the occasion of their 40th anniversary, appears to be an almost modest loudspeaker system. Access, or that Jeff Fritz found in the sound of their Contour 60 ($10,000/pair) when he reviewed that speaker for SoundStage! The Dynaudio Special Forty speakers are an absolute bargain for their beguiling looks, great sound, and the pedigree of the company’s 40-year history building stellar speakers. Comprenant CAD$1.60 d'éco-participation Nouvelles enceintes Dynaudio Special Forty. I found those midrange bumps to be pleasant, Technicolor-like effects, but that didn’t mean they weren’t colorations -- in a word, distortions. Check Price. They tended to work well in the listening room of the apartment I then lived in, a space about 14’L x 11’W. Dynaudio's Special Forty wins this year's award for the best speaker. The new Special 40’s follow in their tradition of releasing “special” speakers when they hit certain anniversaries. Provenance : Italie. There’s a natural fluidity to this speaker’s midrange dynamics, and we admire their ability to tie a multitude of instrumental strands together in a convincing and musical way. It’s paired with Dyaudio Special Forty, and Either a Chord TT2, Hugo, or Qutest. MORE: Best speaker deals - hi-fi, Bluetooth, wireless. But it isn’t about looking back, misty-eyed, at past glories and leaving it at that. It’s not that there is a lot wrong with the Special Forty - it's just the design seem a little too familiar. Their immediate predecessors in my system were the three-way, six-driver GoldenEar Technology Triton References ($8499.98/pair), which I’d just finished reviewing. They had the special forty's and contour 60. We love the way these speakers reveal the texture and attitude in Jill Scott’s voice on Gettin’ In The Way. Like new set of Dynaudio Special 40 in grey listed for $2200 on USAM today. The chamber itself is packed with more damping material and, in conjunction with the pressure conduit, helps to absorb rear radiation from the tweeter diaphragm.” Presumably, the damping of rear-directed energy results in a more controlled, more linear response. Messages : 3,232 Sujets : 46 Inscription : Jan 2016 Type: Particulier Localisation: Gotham #51. That drive unit array may look straight out of the £600 Emit 20 (or even the Contour 1.1 from over a decade ago), but it’s actually based on the drivers used in company’s high-end Confidence C1 model that retails for ten times this price. 10-23-2020, 11:24 PM (Modification du message : 10-23-2020, 11:28 PM par MeloMan.) For a relatively small speaker, Dynaudio's Special Forty does a lot of things exceptionally well. Hearing that kind of difference after 20 hours, I decided to play them another 20. But in 2004 I began reviewing those much larger speakers -- by then I’d moved into a house, and now had a much bigger room that could support more bass and demanded more output. This was a bit of a surprise -- other Dynaudio two-ways I’ve reviewed and/or listened to have always had some little coloration or other that jumped out to catch my ear. Furthermore, when I push most two-ways very hard in my big room, I can often get them to make nasty sounds through their ports -- chuffing and/or other nonmusical noises that are audible at my listening seat. Exceptional sound quality and design in every Dynaudio loudspeaker. Dynaudio didn’t just plonk in the units from the C1 - the drivers have been fettled, with markedly improved results. For those who like colorations, the kind of neutrality offered by the Special Forty might not appeal; after all, certain colorations can be exciting, which is why they’re described as euphonic. Dynaudio Special 40 speakers in Birch Red. Pour conclure l’année 2018, Dynaudio dévoile une toute nouvelle ligne d’enceintes Hi-Fi baptisée "Evoke". C’est simple : Cherchez, Cliquez, Trouvez ! Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. That makes the Special Forty not a good deal, but a great one -- reason enough to rush out to hear a pair for yourself. The special forty's. Those 20 hours didn’t change the Fortys’ sound enough to make them sound like a different pair of speakers, but the improvements were significant. Fed good enough signals, the Special Fortys seemed to hold nothing back, and not just “for the price” -- their breadth and depth of stage was on a par with any speaker I’ve heard at any price. I consistently marveled at how much detail the Special Forty could reproduce without sounding as if it were forcing it on me. The engineers worked on improving airflow and damping behind the 28mm tweeter dome - the idea is to reduce back-pressure as the diaphragm moves, increasing detail and lowering distortion. The Special Forty is classic Dynaudio: all the craftsmanship, attention to detail and total love of authentic sound you’ve come to expect. Dynaudio Special Forty deals. They’re also magnificently detailed, digging out the low-level acoustic clues that define a recording venue with ease. Wow, 40 years. Our Special Forty review samples aren't brand new, so it doesn't take long for them to come on song. With the exception of that bottom octave, I found the Special Forty faithful to the recordings I played through it. Time and again in my listening since that break-in time, I’ve noticed how free of colorations the sound of the Special Fortys is, regardless of what sort of music I play through them. Instead of gluing wide, thin sheets of wood to the panels of MDF, Dynaudio makes its veneers by gluing together very thin sheets of wood into a lamination hundreds of layers thick, then cutting down through them to produce thin sheets of striated veneer. There’s a lot to be said for matching the speakers to the room. We have a confession.