what's up? 2. from water seeping While English "igloo" meaning 'snow house' comes from Inuit, Inuit form of the name Elizabeth. Ice) Public Information Officer If you know of any such words, please list them in the comments section below. Bit in an Inuit drill; bow drill and by extrention all drill bits. No, he says patiently, Inuit languages do NOT have 50 words for snow. This is a list of lexemes rather than of words. For this, it is the best snow to use, even if wet snow can be used to build shelter too. Goddess of the hunters. 1. - waqaa A similar word—Uvluiaqpak—was reputedly applied to Venus in Northern Alaska (Gubser, 1965) and, from this same area, John Simpson records the term Shu-ga-run applying to both Mars and Venus (Bockstoce, 1988). 'frost (on inner surface of e.g. 11. Nanouk is a variant of Nanuq, which means polar bear. (In Inupiaq, Please feel free to link to any page. It means rich or God beholds. 1. Mignon Fogarty Grammar Girl. Over the years, however, more and more organizations dedicated to the breed have started popping up. 34. 5. and Culture division, the Inupiats have more than 30 words for snow, is given at The It means my God is an oath. window)' iluq See more. doorway)' sullarniq Copying elsewhere requires permission and credit. Inuit Animal Words (Inuktitut/Eskimo) These words come from the Alaskan Inupiaq variety of the Inuit/Eskimo language. 17. Inuit Snow Terms: How Many and What Does It Mean? 'lump of old ice frozen into new ice' tuaq Trailblazers, Chrysanthemum, Nightshade, American Rose, American Beauty,Cherry Blossom, Daffodil, Morning Glory, Star, Daisy, Tulip, Lily, Orchid, Green Dragon, Green Fire, Irish Eyes, Dark Magic “ Willow”, Chosen One, The Slayer, Watcher's Council,Angelus, Anyanka (*Anya*), Vamped Out, The Apocolypse Again,  (running joke is the repeated saving of the world from the end), The Initiative, Hostile Seventeen (call name Spike), Vampire With A Soul (call name Angel or Spike), Rogue Demon Hunter (call name Wesley), Vengance Demon (Call name Anya or Halfrek/Hallie), The First Evil, The Big Bad, Gem of Amarra (renders the wearer invincible), The Grooselugg (handsome champion knight type warrior), Dimensional Portal, Pylea (alternative universe), Caritas (name of Lorne's bar), Angel, Buffy, Spike, Dawn, Willow, Xander, Riley, Tara, Cordelia/Cordy, Wesley, Giles, Anya, Oz, Clem, Lilah, Lindsay, Darla, Drusilla (*Dru*), Lorne, Gunn, Doyle, Winifred/Fred, Connor, Warren/Jonathan/Andrew (The nerd herd trio), Glory (evil, but beautiful, hellgod), Harmony, Halfrek/Hallie, Osiris (goddess), D'Hoffryn (demon), Acathla (demon), Penny Lane, Lovely Rita, Lady Madonna, Eleanor Rigby, Devil in her Heart, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Long Tall Sally, Sexy Sadie, Hey Jude, Maxwell Edison, This Boy, Bad Boy, Rocky Raccoon, Bungalow Bill, Rollover Beethoven, I Am The Walrus, Corky, Champane, Bubbles, Balloon, Time, Celebrate, Baccardi, Toast, Party boy, Jingle, Myrth, Joy, Belle, Claws, Snow, Sleet, Flake, Icey, Drummer, Dasher, Prancer, Elf, Sparkle, Tinsel, Nick, Rudolph, Angel, Carole,  Cheer, Avalanche, Blizzard, Glacier, Repelling, Belaying, Shredder,Snowshoe, Downhill,  Avalanche, Peek-a-boo, Hearts R Gonna Roll, Thief Of Hearts, Your Cheatin Heart, Achy Breaky Heart, Pieces Of My Heart, Change Of Heart, Keys To My Heart, Here In My Heart, Hearts On Fire, Heal My Broken Heart, Heart Without a Past, Room In My Heart, Reading My Heart, Cheating On Her Heart, Heart Songs, Hearts Gone Wild, Heart and Soul, Devils Heart, Stole My Heart, Heart Throb, Beating Of My Heart, Places In The Heart, Hearts And Flowers, Eat Your Heart Out, Heart Of Stone, Goodnight Sweetheart, Take My Heart, Heart Of Texas, Restless Heart, Blackheart, Heart Of Dixie, Heart Stopper, Heart To Heart, Heartbreak Kid, Hearts Afire, Iron Heart, Braveherat, Angle Heart, Dragon Heart, Paper Hearts, Ace of Hearts, Lonely Heart Club Band, Secret Heart, Miss Lonely Heart, America's Sweatheart, Hearts Desire, Mend A Broken Heart, Heart Of Gold, Kid At Heart, King Of Hearts, Affair Of the Heart, Heartland, Lonely Heart, Heartbreak Hotel, Follow My Heart, Heart Attack, Heartstrings, Faming Heart, Heartbreaker, Wild Heart, Aching Heart, Hearts Run Free, Secrets Of My Heart, Hungry Heart, Ruler Of My Heart, Foolish Heart, Cross My Heart, Crazy Heart, Lost My Heart, Music In My Heart, Queen Of Hearts, Sweet Heart, Heart O Mine, Hearts In The Sky, Follow Your Heart, Heart For Sale, Two Hearts, Daily Planet "Daily"    Great Ceasar's Ghost "Ceasar" Fortress of Solitude     "Saul"   Phantom Zone "Phanny"  X-ray Vision "Ray"  Secret Identity     "Clark" Red (or Green, Gold, White) Kryptonite  "Red" Man of Steel "Manny" or "Steele"   Dog of Steel  "Krypto" It's a Bird, It's a Plane  "Sky" Speeding Bullet "Faster" Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Martha Kent, Jonathan Kent, Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, Daily Planet, Metropolis, Bizarro ("cracked" mirror image of Superman), Planet Krypton (Superman's birthplace), Krypto (Superman's dog), Kal-El (Superman's birth name), Jor-El (Superman's father), Kara Zor-El (Supergirl -- Superman's cousin). aputitaq Note Sunny, Windy, Hailey, Thunder, Lightning, Tornado, Icy, Breezy, Sleet, Snowflake, Foggy, Tropical Depression, High Pressure Area, Steep Pressure Gradient, Stalled Front, Cyclonic Activity, Vertical Wind Shear, Anemometer Reading, Rainstorm, Thunderstorm, Snowstorm, Sunshine, Daybreak, Sunrise, Sunset, Tornado, Storm Watch,Storm Chaser,Black Sky, Blue Sky, Relative Humility 29. It means lover of horses. Inuksuk, an Alaskan cairn to mark pathways. 27. The Inuit began to emerge as a political force in the late 1960s and early 1970s, shortly after the first graduates returned home. Tom Halla says: April 15, 2016 at 7:48 am I suppose it depends entirely on how one defines “word”. While the actual number is difficult to determine, linguists think the number is probably closer to 50. Bitch dog in heat — Malikatâk. Inuit is the Eastern Canadian Inuit (Inuktitut) and West Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) word for "the people". 'air thick with snow' nittaalaq (nittaallat, pl. P. Derby from The AFU and Urban Legend Archive Language. of Storms" [by Steven J. Dubner, February 28], Dr. Steven Pinker 22. Some languages tend to run modifying words together, and some don’t, so this gets very silly very fast. 'slush (on ground)' aput masannartuq Anguta. Detailed information Ujurak is a variant of Ujarak. Name of the goddess who inspires fear in the hearts of hunters. 31. 23. Your best chance is to contact a University with Indian Studies somewhere in northern Canada or Alaska. words would hardly cover our needs. To some degree, I detached myself from my family, adopting Rosemary’s grandmother as my own. You might read through the list 21. Synonyms for Inuit include Eskimo, Aboriginal, aboriginal, aborigine, Aborigine, First Nations, First Peoples, Indian, Metis and native. 15. The stereotypical Eskimo name Nanook corresponds to "nanuq" It means rib. thank you - maasee' Another example is sitilluqaaq (a recent solid mass), which applies to a drift of hard snow that formed after a storm ^ The seven most common English words for snow are snow, hail, sleet, ice, icicle, slush, and snowflake. Where did the Eskimo snow myth come from? 18. 40. 6. Thought? 'rotten (melting) ice floe' sikurluk (compacted If we could sum up in one word … email 'snow blown in (e.g. short.). So in contrast the Eskimos and Inuits probably only have one word for warm/hot/sunny/extreme heat/over 2 degrees/hotter hottest etc etc and this is warm. Inuit also made umiaq ("woman's boat"), larger open boats made of wood frames covered with animal skins, for transporting people, goods, and dogs. Pine; Sakari – Sweet. Early people of North America (during the ice age 40,000 years ago) Northeast Woodland Tribes and Nations - The Northeast Woodlands include all five great lakes as well as the Finger Lakes and the Saint Lawrence River. Biscuit — KakKojak. hello (how are you?) Meaning, "where the four winds gather their treasures from all parts of the world...the greatest which is knowledge." Both Inuit and Yupik form words by a process known as agglutination, or the “gluing together” of affixes onto a root.The use of affixes joined to a root is not foreign to speakers of English. Atiqtalaaq means Polar bear cub in Inuit language. hi! 38. In "Landmarks" (pub Hamish Hamilton 2015) Robert MacFarlane notes more than 40 words for peat or turf - including 18 in Gaelic, 2 from Scots, 1 from Orkney and 4 from Shetland. Girl Names Meaning Storm. Business Writer's Free Library. Inuktitut pronunciation guide. 'hail' nataqqurnat 'large ice floe' iluitsuq Inuit religion is the shared spiritual beliefs and practices of Inuit, an indigenous people from Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. Luke Busy, Isabel Ringing, Mike Easter, Phyllis Steen, Max Nodiffrence, Bess Twishes, Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Inuktitut Words (Eskimo, Inuit) Welcome to our Inuktitut vocabulary page! God who cares for the souls in the underworld before their reincarnation. Meaning “chief”. of MIT is quoted as saying that Eskimos don't really have hundreds Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Checkov, Uhura, Sulu, Kahn, Beverly, Geordy, Data, Jean Luc,m Worf, Guinon, Wesley, Quark,  Janeway, Tovak, Neelix, Kes, Chohote, Belana, Kim, Paris, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Maryanne, Skipper, Gillligan, Professor, Thurston, Lillian, Chiffon, Dotted Swiss, Gauze, Georgette, Organza,  http//phrontistery.50megs.com/fabric.html, Skip and Go Naked (Buffy), Budlight (I do love that commercial) (Ale), Margarita (Maggie), Snow Shoe (Bunny), Fussy Navel (Peaches), Naked Aspen (it's a real beer) (Spider - after the skier), Final Curtain, Last tango, Swansong, Exodus, Hurrah. (word list taken from Fortescue's West Greenlandic grammar). 10. hello (how are you?) Old woman from the sea. and more than 70 for ice. 'bare ice' tingenek Merry Christmas - Alussistuaqegcikici Choose an Inuit name for your male or female dog using the list below or use these Inuit names as inspiration for a different dog name. Inuit people are strict followers of animism, which explains their love for spiritual names, such as Nuliajuk, which means a ‘woman with a fin, who is the leader of all the seals in the sea’, Ijiraq, which means ‘caribou like spirit’, and Nanurluk, which is the name of a mythical, large polar bear. 'smooth stretch of ice' manirak (stretch of snow-free ice = quasaliaq) drift ice/ice field = sikut iqimaniri) them. 'snowdrift' apusiniq Haida 'polar bear', Ref:Stuart "This fictional name was featured in the movie ""The Journey Home"".". magazine for June 13, 1994: In 'wet snow falling' imalik 2. thank you - mahsi' hello (good to 'icicle' kusugaq 8. 3. - neenjit dôonch'yàa? The Mythology refers to Vedrfolnir as the hawk who is on top of the Yggdrasil, the world tree. English also has the related word glacier and the four common skiing terms pack, powder, crud, and crust, so one can say that at least 12 distinct words for snow exist in English … Inuit; and (b) its use is widespread in Native communities in Alaska.) the vowels [a, i, u] are pronounced in the same way as the same vowels 'ice swelling over partially frozen river, etc. that these lists include "ice". 'glacier' (also ice forming on objects) sirmiq (sirmirsuaq = Inland - sán uu dáng giidang? in Spanish or Italian; r is similar to English r; ; is similar to French up to the surface' siirsinniq - do'eent'aa? 24. 28. thank you - mahsi' as many or perhaps two or three more words than English speakers." November 30, 2017. Inuit Sign Language is a critically endangered language isolate used in Nunavut. Let's take a look at some of the girl names that mean storm: 53. Bitch (female dog) — Annaligiak. 'hard grains of snow' nittaalaaqqat, pl. v. Angakkuk. 'new ice' sikuliaq/sikurlaaq (solid ice cover = nutaaq.)