Because crappies school together and often feed in a frenzy like sharks, you may find you can catch dozens of them, one after another continuously, as soon as you put the right jig in the water. It consists of a light meter on the end of a measured cable which is attached to an instrument with color bands arranged in three major groups: Clear, Stained, and Muddy, along with a number scale ranging from 0 to 40. Details About Crappie Jig Hks 4 Packs Mister Wobbly Eyes Chart Black Chart 1 32oz 6 Eyes Move . Hot lemon-lime or chartreuse-colored jigs are perennial favorites among all anglers, from bass anglers to crappie hunters. “Under this situation, I go with translucent hues and clear bodies with sparkle flakes regardless of water color,” explains Lefebre. You may have determined this by sonar readings of baitfish and crappies, or by having caught fish recently at this depth.”. The Best Crappie Jig Colors For Any Situation Crappie Fisher . Studying the crappie behavior during summer will help you know where to look. Going to a well-stocked fishing supply store makes the task no easier of course. They both have their favorites and we bet you will have a blast putting their choices head to head on your own body of water as the summer heat fades away. CrappieNOW is an unrivaled destination for passionate crappie anglers searching for information on new crappie fishing tips and techniques, destinations, products, recent events, and the latest news from industry leading professionals. Crappie Sniper Jig Tails Product Material ALL Crappie Sniper T-Shirts are 50/50 DRY BLEND: The best of cotton and polyester fabrics in one, blending the softness and breathability of cotton with the flexibility and durability of polyester. God bless. Bad blood is body color half white and half chartreuse with red curl tail or stinger tail. Crappie readily bite for nearly everyone in the spring, but these panfish become more of a challenge to catch in the heat of summer. Myers has a broad and eclectic range of expertise in personal computer maintenance and design, home improvement and design, and visual and performing arts. Because they congregate around “stick ups” like stands of water grasses, downed tree limbs, or bridges and boat docks, crappies are easy to reach from shore positions. There are two general processes to consider. I am a hobby jig maker, but several people have asked to buy them. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Tips for Using Rubber Worms for Bass Fishing. Those with limited casting skills can easily catch scads of crappies by “jigging” for them rather than casting. Copyrights © 2019 CrappieNOW. First you determine the water color by lowering the probe into water and noting at what depth white top of the probe disappears. Folks, this video was highly requested by some viewers on my channel, so here you go! My goal is to speed that process up for you. And using bright colored spinners and jigs will attract crappies because they are sight feeders. 3 jigs for $2.75 plus shipping. Likely their answers are based on memorable catches with a certain color on a particular lake under specific conditions. Your crappie jig color is important and certain colors seems to work better on certain lakes. Aug 24, 2015 - Buy Factory Direct crappie jig heads, crappie flukes, crappie shad, crappie jigs, and much more from Myers is a self-taught computer expert and owned a computer sales and service company for five years. “The Crappie Book: Basics and Beyond”; Keith Sutton; 2006, “Pro Tactics: Panfish: Use the Secrets of the Pros to Catch Bluegill, Crappie, and Perch”; Jason Durhan; 2008. A popular takeoff on the artificial minnow crappie jig is the tube jig made from soft plastic that has silver flecks impregnated in the tube body. ... jigs but rarely catch them . A popular takeoff on the artificial minnow crappie jig is the tube jig made from soft plastic that has silver flecks impregnated in the tube body. Selecting a jig color for green stained water can be tricky, but something with chartreuse is generally a wise choice. SHOP CRAPPIE JIGS. The number of possible crappie jig colors can make your head spin. BnM How To May with Brad Whitehead – Jig Fishing, Crappie Now – BnM Rod and Reel for Vertical Jigging, Crappie NOW How To Following The Cold Water Fish, Crappie Kids Corner: Minnows, by Scott MacKenthun. I hope you enjoy the video! May 7, 2020; By Bob Frye. My process of color selection is based around water clarity.